Anshel Indig

Head of Operations, Large Business Unit

Anshel Indig is a seasoned professional with over 17 years of extensive experience in business development, management, and operations. As the Head of Operations for the Large Business Unit at CHS, he is responsible for ensuring the payroll process runs efficiently and accurately and is known for his resourcefulness, reliability, and results-driven approach.

Anshel has a proven track record of helping organizations overcome challenges and improve efficiency by clearly breaking down tasks and priorities, and he excels at streamlining operations and understanding new regulations. With a diverse background spanning multiple industries, including consumer products, technology, and healthcare, Anshel is well-versed in setting up and managing complex projects and is committed to delivering the best results.

Anshel’s professional operational experiences includes a 4-year tenure as CEO of a large telecom company in the Dominican Republic, where he successfully spun off the company’s call center into a successful BPO with 160 agents. He was responsible for fiscal reporting, compliance, and general operations and was highly respected for his trustworthiness and work ethics.

In 2016, Anshel focused all his efforts on setting up The Nestled Recovery Center, a boutique style in-patient facility just outside of Las Vegas. He was singularly responsible for acquiring the property, receiving the final State Licensing, and everything in between, including zoning, building department filings, fire marshal, construction, and hiring doctors, therapists, and technicians. He also put together hundreds of pages of policies and procedures required to operate the facility, as required under State regulation. As a result, The Nestled is now a recognized rehab facility in the region.

Anshel lives with his wife and 4 children in Bayswater, NY