Powering Your Team’s Potential

Our robust, cloud-based program delivers effective, comprehensive solution for large teams.

Problems We Solve

Time & Labor Management

Precise time tracking tech your employees can access from anywhere through a universal portal.

Payroll Management

Simplified payroll processing with comprehensive data insight collection and management.

Tax & Compliance

Powerful payroll tax processing that accounts for all U.S. tax jurisdictions and regulations.

Human Resources Management

All the HR functions and data insights you need, conveniently combined in a single portal.

Benefits Administration

Automated benefits administration that ensures your employees are taken care of.

Centralized Solution

Leverage the comprehensive functionality of our singular database  for human capital management to reduce error and avoid confusion in your operations.

Cloud-Based Convenience

Access your company’s information from anywhere. Say goodbye to installation and software updates – with our platform, all you need to do to access your company’s information is log in.

Total Tailoring

Our fully-configurable dashboard allows you to instantly access the data that’s most valuable to you and your business.

Platform Features

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Payroll Doesn't Have to Be a Hassle

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