Anshel Indig

Director of Special Projects

With over 17 years of diverse experience in business development, management, and operations, Anshel Indig is a seasoned professional known for his resourcefulness, reliability, and results-oriented approach. As the Director of Special Projects at CHS, Anshel oversees significant initiatives within the company, leveraging his expertise to drive efficiency and deliver impactful results.

Anshel’s strategic leadership has consistently enabled organizations to navigate challenges and optimize performance. He excels in meticulously breaking down tasks and priorities, streamlining operations, and ensuring compliance with evolving regulations. His background spans multiple industries, including consumer products, technology, and healthcare, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of complex project management.

Notably, Anshel served as CEO of a prominent telecom company in the Dominican Republic, where he spearheaded the successful transition of the company’s call center into a thriving BPO with 160 agents. His responsibilities encompassed fiscal reporting, compliance,and operational management, earning him widespread respect for his integrity and commitment to excellence.

In 2016, Anshel directed his efforts towards establishing The Nestled Recovery Center, a boutique-style in-patient facility near Las Vegas. His leadership was instrumental in acquiring the property, obtaining final state licensing, and orchestrating all facets of development, from zoning and construction to staffing and regulatory compliance. Under his guidance, The Nestled has emerged as a distinguished rehabilitation facility in the region. Anshel resides in Bayswater, NY, with his wife and four children, balancing his professional achievements with a steadfast commitment to family life.