Avrumi Menzer

Head of Tax & Finance

Avrumi Menzer graduated college with a degree in business management and began his career at CHS while completing his degree in business and accounting.

Avrumi started out as a Finance Specialist and quickly worked his way up to leading and managing the Tax and Finance departments. In this role, he is responsible for all finance-related matters, including budgeting and forecasting, and ensuring client compliance for all tax and legal matters.

Avrumi is highly motivated, driven, and results-oriented. He is always striving to get things done quickly, efficiently, and in a structured manner. He also has a deep understanding of and ability to work well with people, which is a characteristic that has been instrumental in his success. He is passionate about growth, and his meticulous analytical skills, keen eye for detail, and quick grasp of new concepts have helped him to excel in his role. He is skilled at removing obstacles, embracing big responsibilities and challenges, and finding effective solutions through solid processes and people. He is able to juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities with ease, making him a valuable asset to the CHS Senior Leadership Team.

In his free time, Avrumi enjoys spending quality time with peers, gaining knowledge in new areas, and listening to music.