Jacob Witriol

CEO & Founder

Jacob Witriol is a seasoned professional with a background in Payroll/HR/HCM, Software development, and Accounting. Jacob is a skilled leader with a proven track record in management and business development. He holds a degree in Software Development (major) and Accounting (minor) from S\Y\R\I\T College.

Jacob’s strong passion for helping people led him to the Payroll and HR industry. His unique background, the combination of technical and financial expertise allowed him to create a tailored-solution experience for business owners and CPA’s to ease their burden of employee administration.

As a constant learner, Jacob is always seeking to learn more about the HCM industry and surrounds himself with industry experts, always seeking to expand his knowledge and inspire, empower, and lead others to grow.  He is dedicated and passionate about establishing more efficient service, coming up with new ideas and solutions, removing obstacles, more process-oriented, and takes pleasure in how multiple pieces of detail come together to form a larger outcome.

In his spare time, Jacob is actively involved in charity work and cherishes spending quality time with his wife, seven children and seven grandchildren in NYC, Upstate NY, or traveling around the world. He is humble, driven, and always striving for ways to grow personally and professionally, often attending seminars and reading books. He is a passionate, positive-outlook, fun-loving and upbeat leader who is dedicated to raising himself and those around him, both in business and in personal.