Jeff Clair

Head of Sales & Marketing

Jeff Clair is the Head of Sales And Marketing at CHS, where he specializes in developing, managing, and optimizing sales strategies and processes. His focus is on transforming sales cultures, hiring sales teams, and implementing new processes and procedures to achieve record-breaking results. Jeff is a passionate leader who has a deep understanding of the importance of strategy and tactics when it comes to sales.

Jeff Clair is an experienced and driven leader, who is dedicated to helping CHS Payroll reach its full potential. He is a team player who is highly committed to making sure that the company succeeds and achieves its goals. With his expertise in sales, and his diverse range of interests, Jeff is well-equipped to help CHS Payroll reach its goals.

In his free time, Jeff loves to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. He is a “caretaker” of an antique home & gardens, and an avid sports enthusiast who enjoys long distance cycling, tennis, and skiing.